• All platformsAndroid and iOS native applications and web application for all other platforms including desktops

Many exercises

Wide range of exercises starting with simple minor/major seconds recognition up to of 7th chords in open voicing with inversions. Or you can create your own custom exercises.
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Train anywhere

Our app is available on all platforms. We have native applications for Android and iPhone/iPad. On other platforms (Windows Phone, desktop PCs...) you can use our online app directly in your web browser.


Use detailed reports to see your strengths and weaknesses so that you know what musical elements you need to train. After each training you can inspect detailed results of exercise you just finished.

For teachers/schools

We provide an interface for teachers where they can see progres of their students’ practice sessions.
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Brilliant. Very useful even for me being a professional musician and music university lecturer. Will recommend to my students.
Andreas Kissenbeck - www.kissenbeck.org

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